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Why traditional security tools aren’t enough to stop today’s advanced cyber attacks — and what can

Small and midsize businesses have become the main targets for cyber criminals, yet many SMBs don’t see cyber attacks as a threat. They think they’re too small to attract attention, and they believe traditional security tools are enough. These dangerous assumptions can have dire—and expensive—consequences.

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward, cost-effective way SMBs can gain an edge over cyber criminals.

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  • Why attacks on SMBs are on the rise
  • What cyber crime costs SMBs
  • Why traditional security tools are no match for today’s advanced, targeted attacks
  • How to close the gap left by traditional security tools
  • Three ways that an intelligence-led approach delivers value.

This eBook will show you how to stop threats before they do damage, reduce operational overhead and avoid the costs associated with breaches—all while staying within your budget.

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