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None of us fight the battle against today’s adversaries alone. Working together, security teams can automatically use FireEye Threat Intelligence as an enrichment source within the King & Union Avalon cyber analysis delivery platform.

Avalon enables teams to create trusted groups that allow analysts - both inside and outside the organization - to work together in real time within a single interactive workspace to visualize and investigate threats. Simply set up an API key, drop an indicator in the Avalon workspace and click enrich to pull in data from FireEye Threat Intelligence. You can also pull in additional threat data from other internal or external sources into the workspace for further enrichment. Once an investigation is complete, you can also collaborate to efficiently create and deliver the finished intelligence required to key stakeholders. 

King & Union

Avalon also helps eliminate silos by getting investigations off of individual machines and into a centralized repository so that FireEye Threat Intelligence from past investigations can easily be used to automatically enrich current and future investigations. By simplifying analysis and reporting processes, Avalon helps Analysts reduce the time spent on manual, administrative tasks, giving them more time to focus on security.

Integration benefits:

  • Quickly unify, visualize and enrich threat intelligence in a single interactive workspace to better understand data relationships
  • Increase analysis and reporting efficiency - recouping 200+ hours per analyst per year
  • Easily deliver the right finished intelligence to the right person in the right format
  • Enable Analysts to focus on what they do best - security - instead of administrative tasks
  • Preserve past analyses to enrich future investigations

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