Analyst Platform

Analyst Platform is the creator of Illuminate, a network defense platform for identifying and responding to cyber threats. It is web-based software that is deployed on- premises without requiring scripting or coding to integrate with existing cybersecurity solutions.

Through our partnership with Analyst Platform, we offer our FireEye Threat Intelligence through the Illuminate platform.

Illuminate auto-extracts metadata and actionable indicators from the FireEye Threat Intelligence reporting API and populates the attributes of the evidence and indicator tables. This drastically reduces analysts’ time from having to manually copy and paste this information to take effective action against known bad.

The continually enriched intelligence context establishes a trusted enhanced knowledge base to quickly identify the current defensive posture against a known threat. This provides a unique ability for information sharing to flow successfully and rapidly and in both directions between the government, strategic partners, and the private sector. In the end, we empower network defenders to more effectively protect and operate networked environments by simplifying the creation, execution and enforcement of countermeasures.

Integration Benefits

  • Aggregate and corelate all source intelligence
  • Orchestrate the fusion of threat intelligence and extract unique indicators of compromise (IOCs) and characteristics of malicious cyber activity
  • Gain comprehensive insight of cyber threats through awareness of the tools, techniques, and procedures employed by threat actors
  • Assess threats and exchange knowledge with partners

Joint Solution

Analyst Platform Illuminate + FireEye Threat Intelligence