Advanced Threat Report: Europe, the Middle East and Africa

95% of business are unknowingly compromised and as computing systems and networks grow in complexity, more cyber attackers are finding diverse ways to compromise them.

Based on data collected from customer deployments and the monitoring of advanced persistent threats (APTs) across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the latest FireEye threat report includes:

  • Data on the countries and industries experiencing the greatest number of APT attacks
  • Details about Runback, DarkHotel and SCANBOX, the most frequently encountered APT malware families in the region
  • Changes in the threat landscape between the first and second half of 2015, such as increased use of exploit kits, macros and ransomware.

For more information and recommendations on how to mitigate these threats, download the Regional Advanced Threat Report: Europe, Middle East and Africa 2H2015.

Download the report