Operational Systems (OpSys)

Australian MSSP uses and offers service with FireEye Helix

Every day, cyber threats evolve and increase the need to develop and tighten security measures. Matthew Fabri, OpSys’ founder and chief executive officer, described, “It used to be that smaller companies could get by with very basic levels of protection, but today everybody is under the constant threat of attack.”

Richard Costanzo, OpSys’ director of cyber security operations, elaborated, “Cyber criminals are getting very creative in how they monetize their evil. While large corporations have invested a lot of resources to enhance the protection they have in place, smaller businesses have become a much more intriguing target for the attackers.”

Criminals are patient, frequently spending lengthy periods of time to engineer system access information. “It’s not about locking the doors and windows and sealing up every crack to make sure hackers can’t get in. Hackers are getting paid vast sums of money to be very good at their job. They are more than likely going to gain access at some point, so when they do, we want to make sure we’re prepared to stop them in their tracks,” Fabri shared.


Managed security services provider protects itself and its clients with FireEye Helix

“It’s amazing to see the impact FireEye Helix can deliver within 48 hours of being installed. The platform gives us so much information about exactly what’s happening and what has previously occurred.”

- Matthew Fabri, Founder and CEO, Operational Systems

As a managed services provider, clients place a great deal of trust in OpSys, making it imperative to create a foundation that leverages best-in-class technologies and processes. Fabri commented, “We pride ourselves in our ability to secure all of our clients regardless of their size. We partner with our customers to assess the threats that could hurt their operations, and then develop a security strategy to individually address the specific risks.”

Protected by the World’s Best

Fabri sought a solution that would reduce the time between detection and remediation, while expanding visibility across all the environments his company was managing. He observed, “FireEye Helix was a clear choice because it provides us with the ability to efficiently bring enterprise-grade security to any size of businesses. FireEye Helix integrates all of the traditionally separate functions – including alert management, search, analysis, investigations, and reporting – into a single security operations platform: Making it perfect for an MSSP like OpSys.”

OpSys deployed FireEye Helix to leverage its advanced security capabilities, backed by threat intelligence gathered from around the globe. “As part of our process to deploy FireEye Helix for a new client, we use it to detect if hackers have already been active in their environment and for how long,” recounted Fabri. “It’s amazing to see the impact FireEye Helix can deliver within 48-hours of being installed. The platform gives us so much information about exactly what’s happening and what has previously occurred. If there is anything malicious that has gone undetected, we can immediately eradicate it.”

While OpSys offers FireEye Helix to its clients, the company also relies on the platform internally. “We want our customers to know that we use the identical solution to protect our own assets, such as our data center, internal systems, and security operations center,” explained Fabri, “I view FireEye Helix as the world’s best security operations platform.”

Intuitive and Scalable

FireEye Helix works as a seamless and scalable foundation to gather event data from FireEye and non-FireEye solutions in an environment. The single, unified interface of FireEye Helix provides end-to-end visibility and management using one set of credentials. “The platform is easy to deploy and intuitive to operate. Bringing a new client online is a very straightforward task and we can easily scale to accommodate the rapid influx of new business we’ve experienced since launching our Helixbased service,” noted Fabri.

Operation Systems (OpSys)

Operation Systems

Industry: IT Services

Founded in 2016 in Adelaide, Australia, managed services provider, Operational Systems (OpSys) places heavy focus on customer satisfaction and building long-term relationships with its clients. OpSys offers a broad range of IT, networking and security- related capabilities that cover planning, implementation and ongoing management. Organizations and businesses ranging from five to 25,000 employees leverage OpSys as their first line of defense against cyber attacks.


  • Unified monitoring and management across widespread infrastructures
  • Integrated intelligence, rules, and analytics deliver context to identify threats and expedite remediation
  • Consolidated SOC functionality enhances efficiency and effectiveness

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“I see FireEye as the premier global security provider. Its level of expertise paired with its innovative intelligence network remains unrivaled. FireEye is the Navy Seal of cyber security: Always 100% accurate in its  findings.”

- Richard Costanzo, Director of Cyber Security Operations, Operational Systems

Advanced Analytics and Intelligence

The inbuilt analytics and intelligence of FireEye Helix enables OpSys to discover hidden patterns and anomalies in event data, enhancing the efficacy of existing security investments. With enhanced visibility, centralized security functions and automated workflows, the reduced operational expenses enable OpSys to price its Security as a Service offering at a compelling level for customers. “The Helix platform was built by people that were first security incident responders, so they understand the most efficient and most effective workflows,” commented Costanzo.

When it came to priorities for threat response, speed was a key consideration. “FireEye has one of the highest percentages of all zero-day attacks found, so we have a high level of confidence that our customers will be protected from new threats before anyone else,” shared Fabri. FireEye Helix utilizes native Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud capabilities to maximize speed and efficiency, such as S3 Select for rapid data retrieval and AWS Athena for fast-performing searches at scale. “What would have taken us a couple hours, FireEye Helix does in a couple minutes. We have so much information at our fingertips, we can see an alert in a context that enables us to act on it straight away,” enthused Fabri.

Costanzo concurred adding, “The real power of the FireEye Helix platform comes in reducing dwell time; the time where an attacker gets in to an environment and can remain undetected for months and in some cases years.”

Unparalleled Expertise

OpSys uses FireEye Helix’s holistic approach to maintain a highly proactive security posture. Costanzo stated, “I see FireEye as the premier global security provider. Its level of expertise paired with its innovative intelligence network remains unrivaled. FireEye is the Navy Seal of cyber security: Always 100% correct in its findings.”

Fabri concluded, “FireEye Helix gives us visibility across all of the environments for which we are responsible: our own and our clients. The unified platform centralizes all the alerts and overlays this data with world-class analytics and intelligence processing, providing us unmatched remediation performance and a clear action plan. There’s no other company I would rather partner with.”