Defence Teaming Centre

Defence Teaming Centre Implements Cost-effective, Comprehensive Data Protection with FireEye Helix

The Australian defence industry is currently heavily focused on naval shipbuilding, with the Federal Government committing AUS $89 billion (USD71 billion) to upgrade navy capability over a ten year period, with construction to be centered in South Australia. Many of the businesses involved in the frigate-and submarine-building supply chains have not yet computerized significant parts of their operations. Margot Forster, CEO of the Defence Teaming Centre, stated, “These businesses will have to move to digital operations, and every one of them is going to need to be secure. We can’t afford to have a weak link.”

As the department of defence has very rigorous requirements for quality, safety, and digital security, The DTC facilitates access to support and training on quality and certification requirements that industry must meet to qualify for consideration. Being able to demonstrate a robust cyber security strategy is a key component for supply chain certification.

Recognizing Today’s Risks

Forster understands the increasing risks posed by hackers. “These days the world is so complex and the risks are immense. It’s possible to have your data compromised and be passed to the other side of the world in seconds. It’s a whole new game,” she noted.

DTC recognizes the importance of protecting its own business. “We’re asking companies – large and small – to provide us with information and to trust us, so we need to prove that we are equally strong and highly secure, and consequently don’t present a cyber risk to them. We need to lead by example,” Forster emphasized.


Defense contract enabler protects domestic and global partners using FireEye Helix

“FireEye Helix is the solution that will enable the Defence Teaming Centre to be highly secure, to be safe, and to be resilient. It is a combination that is viable and affordable for all small businesses that want to have enterprise-level security.”

- Margot Forster, CEO, Defence Teaming Centre

Turning to FireEye Helix

Forster first became acquainted with the Adelaide-based managed security services provider (MSSP) Operational Systems (OpSys) when she met with its CEO, Matt Fabri, to describe the support DTC could offer Fabri’s company.

Because OpSys acts as an extended IT department for its customers, the conversation expanded to embrace the services that might be pertinent to DTC, including the provision of data security solutions capable of providing governmental and military-grade protection. 

Forster learned that OpSys leverages FireEye Helix - an innovative intelligence-led platform that simplifies, integrates, and automates a company’s IT security operations. Helix protects the network, endpoint and email threat vectors, as well as providing visibility into existing third-party security solutions. Helix encompasses FireEye iSIGHT Intelligence to deliver deep, rich, contextual information about potential threats.

FireEye Helix is a unified security experience that enables businesses to stop more threats while reducing the operational costs of security. It seamlessly integrates and improves security for any kind of organization.

Forster realized that OpSys and FireEye Helix would provide tangible benefits to DTC. “A big attraction for me was the constant monitoring of all of the activities that are happening in our environment and that this occurs from the endpoint and through to the system level. The end-to-end protection is really appealing,” Forster recounted.

She emphasized, “In the past, very few organizations could ever achieve Fortune 50-grade security. One of the really compelling things about the FireEye Helix solution is that by using Helix, companies such as OpSys can now make this level of protection a reality for businesses like DTC.”

The Complete Package

Forster is enthusiastic that the FireEye platform is a single, comprehensive solution. “FireEye Helix really resonated for me because it provides the total package. I know you can buy the endpoint, email, and networking solutions separately but being able to get them all in one package is just common sense,” she reflected.

“FireEye Helix is the solution that will enable the Defence Teaming Centre to be highly secure, to be safe, and to be resilient. It is a combination that is viable and affordable for all small businesses that want to have enterprise-level security,” Forster concluded.

Defence Teaming Centre

Defence Teaming Centre

Industry: State and local government


  • End-to-end enterprise-grade protection
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Single, comprehensive solution
  • Affordable for a small organization

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